Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Minute Friday : Fight

"You have to fight for your right to party" When I first hear the word fight this song pops into mind. One of my favorites actually! Then I think about the fights that occur in my daily life and my mind turns from one of jubilation into one of "Yowza". Last year was a tough one for me. Laid off after working for my company for 9 years. I once won awards here, then two years ago I found myself in the hospital for kidney failure then back in with a broken hip. I lost much time off work for this, months actually, and due to dialysis I started to lose even more time away from work, which made my success at work suffer. Now I have to fight, somehow, to make myself raise to, well, not the top of what use to be my game but the top of what I can be now. I have to fight for this, I have to fight myself, fight that part that sometimes wants to lie down and keep suffering.

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